City Court Calendar

Court is generally held on the third Monday of the month - court begins promptly at 4:00pm. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the opening of court. If you are unable to attend due to an emergency or miss your court date, contact the clerk's office as quickly as possible.

Court Dates:
October 21, 2019
November 18, 2019
December 16, 2019

139 N Main St.
Brighton, TN 38011

Office: 901-476-8661
Fax: 901-475-9983

Business Hours:
8:00am - 4:30pm
Monday - Friday



Municipal Court Clerks:
Tammy French
Tammy McKinney

The Court Clerks are responsible for managing court operations, developing and implementing court policy and procedures, and collecting all fines, fees, forfeitures and taxes. The Court Clerk's Office has a staff of 2 clerks who prepare misdemeanor, traffic, and city code cases for the court docket, process court orders, judgments and traffic citations, process and maintain the court docket.


  • No cell phones or electronic devices allowed in the Courtroom.
  • No foods, drink, gum, or smoking allowed in the Courtroom.
  • All persons, bags, and packages are subject to search.
  • Weapons (guns, knives, etc.) are prohibited in the Courtroom.
  • Courtroom seating is for persons with a case on the docket.
  • Be polite and courteous to the Judge, Court personnel, and persons around you.
  • Stand with your hands out of your pockets and to your side when appearing before the Judge.
  • Quiet - No talking allowed in the courtroom.
  • Approach the Judge's Bench only when summoned by the Court.
  • Go to the Court Clerk's Office for court information and to pay fines and costs.


Defendant must be appropriately dressed to be admitted into the courtroom.

  • No shorts | short skirts | pajamas
  • No hats | head covering
  • No halter | tank tops | low-cut tops
  • No exposed midriffs
  • No pants hanging below the waist
  • No torn clothing or clothing with holes
  • No inappropriate or distasteful logos (lettering) on clothing
  • No shirts hanging outside pants
The Town of Brighton Municipal Court is located at 139 N Main St. Brighton, TN 38011